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Friday, December 12, 2014

GOP Joins Team Obama

The merger of the RNC with the DNC has begun. Led by John Boehner 162 House Republicans voted to join Team Obama and become part of the problem. Conservatives across the nation are fuming over the betrayal handed to them by the Republican Party and are left wondering if the GOP is worth saving. For years we have contemplated the possibility of leaving the GOP and forming a new political party that would be more to our liking, and now that the GOP has responded to an overwhelming mandate to end Obama’s amnesty by totally surrendering to his wishes, it appears we may now have no other choice.        (continue reading)

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Boehner Has To Go

Democrats will lie to you, and some of them will even lie and tell you they’re Republicans. Apparently John Boehner has switched parties without telling anyone; either that, or someone forgot to tell him the winners aren’t the ones that are supposed to surrender. Despite an overwhelming victory in November giving Republicans a clear and definitive mandate to stop Obama’s plans to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, John Boehner is determined to abdicate the power of the majority and provide funding for the President’s plan. Rank and file Republican members of the House who campaigned on the promise of stopping amnesty are expected to default on those promises just a few weeks later. House Republicans have a traitor in their midst, and his name is John Boehner. It is time for John Boehner to be removed as Speaker of the House.

Despite the fact that Boehner has just been elected for another term as Speaker, the actions of Speaker Boehner and the rest of the House leadership make it clear that they are not acting in behalf of the Republican majority or the majority of the American voters. As a result, I am calling on members of the House of Representatives to introduce a resolution declaring the office of Speaker of the House vacant, forcing a new election.

Such a move would be risky for the member introducing the resolution, and for those supporting it. A second resolution requiring a secret ballot to elect the next Speaker would shield supporters of the first resolution from intimidation and reprisals from Boehner in the likely event the measure was not successful. I say it is likely for this resolution to fail because it would take a clear majority of House members, both Democrat and Republican, to remove Boehner and Democrats are unlikely to be onboard with the move. It is also true that no Speaker has ever been removed in this manner.

Why should Republicans in the House make such a bold move if it is destined to fail? The answer is quite simple; Boehner’s hold on the office has been on thin ice since his failed attempt in 2012 to pass a bill to avoid the ‘fiscal cliff’, and his current plans to again ram an unpopular bill down the throats of Conservatives are further weakening the ice. He knows the rank-and-file is unhappy and is relying on his recent election and his absolute power over the House to protect him. Open revolt however, would be embarrassing and a vote by a majority of Republicans, while not enough to remove him from office, would highlight the dissatisfaction with his leadership and almost certainly force his resignation.

This is a move that will not happen on its own. The office of Speaker is uniquely powerful and members would take considerable political risk to go along with it. The only way this will happen is if members are painfully aware that the voters in their district are fed up with the GOP’s broken promises and that their jobs are in jeopardy if they fail to keep their promises to stop Obama. They need to know that we want Boehner gone, that they will have our backing if they do revolt, and that they will be held accountable if they continue to support Boehner. It will require action on our part – phone calls, e-mails, and letters flooding Washington. The phone number for the Capitol Switchboard is 202-224-3121, please call.

Although I would like to think the normal readership of my blog is large enough to set this plan into action, it is not. With your help however, we can get this message out. Along with your messages to your House member, please help spread the word by sharing this article with as many people as you know, either through social media, e-mail, or just word of mouth. The final two years of Obama's Presidency will provide Republicans with some very serious challenges, and we need leadership that is on board; John Boehner is not.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A New Solid South Presents New Opportunities

“With Mary Landrieu’s ignominious exit, the Democrats will have lost their last senator in the Deep South. And that’s a good thing. They should write it off—because they don’t need it” – so says Michael Tomasky of The Daily Beast and I am not inclined to argue with him. As a child of the South I am excited to see the scourge of Liberalism being driven from my homeland creating opportunities for the region, and for the Republican Party.

All seven of the states usually considered the “deep South” have Republican governors and legislatures. Add to that count the not-so-deep Southern states of Tennessee and North Carolina and you have a bright red beacon of hope on the U.S. map (the single blemish on that map is Virginia with a Republican legislature and a Democrat governor, but we’re working on that). Of the ten states listed above, only Florida and Virginia have Democrat Senators (and we’re working on that too), and all ten have majority Republican representation in the House.

The future looks bright for these states despite the economic pall that has settled over the nation. It has been shown that states with Republican governors are leading the nation in job creation and economic growth by implementing conservative principles such as lower taxes, balanced budgets, and more efficient government. These are demonstrable results that can be shown as evidence that Conservatism works, especially when juxtaposed with Democrat controlled states which are among the worst performing in the nation. Further evidence is the fact that southern states have led the nation in migratory population increases for more than a decade.

One facet of this population shift that presents a huge opportunity for the Republican Party is the fact that black Americans make up a sizable portion of that migration. It is interesting to note that over half of the nation’s black population lives in the South and yet Republicans dominate nearly every area of government. Some Democrats have suggested that Republican gerrymandering (as if the Democrats hadn’t perfected the art) is the culprit, but that cannot account for GOP domination in state-wide races.

The opportunity this presents is for the Republicans to reach out to the black population in these states and rather than pander to them as the Democrats have done for decades, point out how conservatism creates the kind of economic prosperity that made the South so attractive, and contrast that with the results of the empty promises that have kept blacks loyal to the Democrat Party for so long. Black Americans just like the rest of us, want to thrive and proper and to provide better lives for their families.

Part of the migration of black families, even in the South, is from the cities to suburbia producing a far less segregated society than that which existed when the black population was concentrated in the inner cities. I am not a sociologist, but I believe that either because of this, or perhaps as a result, old stereotypes held by both races and black and white Americans are finding they have more in common than they once believed. People fear what they don’t know, so getting to know each other can only be a good thing, unless of course you are a Democrat who relies on racial tensions to maintain your employment.

The key for Republicans is to take this opportunity to engage the black community and demonstrate the economic virtues of Conservatism. The best way for them to squander this opportunity, and we all know they are quite capable of doing that, is to adopt the same tactics that Democrats have used in the past.