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Monday, November 5, 2012

A Time To Choose

The election is finally upon us. According to the pollsters there are some people who have still not decided for whom they will cast their votes. Since there are not that many people in America in prolonged and irreversible comas, I can only assume they have simply decided to not disclose their choices to complete strangers calling in the middle of dinner.

Just in case I am wrong however, allow me to offer a few thoughts that might help people reach a decision.

First and foremost, I would like to point out that Barack Obama is the man ultimately responsible for allowing four Americans to die at the hands of terrorists on a live video feed without so much as lifting a finger to help. To make matters worse, he appears to be punishing those who wanted to ignore his order to stand down. Just to rub salt into the wound, he then departed Washington to travel to Las Vegas to raise funds for his campaign. In an effort to really compound his sins, our Coward-In-Chief then embarked on a prolonged effort to lie and attempt to cover up his abject failure to lead.

For me, this would be enough to turn any public servant out of office, even if that person happened to be one I had previously supported. I do recognize (but don’t understand) that there are some who need further convincing. Please, allow me to pose a few questions designed to provoke thought.

Do you believe you pay too little in taxes? If you do, could I point out the fact that you always have the freedom to pay more voluntarily without imposing an unwanted burden on others who might not suffer from the same misfortune? If you do not believe you pay too little in taxes, you should know that a second Obama term in office will most certainly result in higher taxes for you, regardless of how much money you might earn.

Do you believe you have an excessive number of job opportunities available to you? If so, I applaud you for obtaining so many marketable skills that you find yourself in high demand. I would caution you however, that you are in the minority, and that many of your fellow citizens are struggling and barely getting by. Some, in fact, are not even doing that well. If you do not find yourself in this situation, it would be worth noting that our current President has implemented not one policy that has improved the job situation in this country, nor has he indicated any inclination to undo any of the policies he has implemented that are demonstrably adverse to job creation. Do you have any reason to believe he intends to do anything in his second term that will help your job prospects?

Do you believe that you have been endowed with an excessive number of constitutionally protected freedoms? If so, might I point out that one of your freedoms is to decide for yourself which of those freedoms you should exercise? If not, you should be aware that President Obama has expressed a desire to deny Americans their freedom to exercise those rights guaranteed under the Second Amendment of the Constitution. Additionally, he has demonstrated willingness and even a desire to infringe upon the religious freedoms of millions of Catholics in the United States. Ask yourself, if President Obama is willing to deny religious freedom to one of the largest religious groups in America, what is stopping him from coming after yours?

Do you believe our nation’s deficit is too small? If so, rest assured that Barack Obama is more than capable of solving this problem. Since he has taken office, our national debt has risen by five trillion dollars. Given the fact that President Obama has expressed a desire for a do-over on his failed stimulus plan, another four years of Obama will certainly provide us with a truly awe inspiring national debt that will resolve your addiction to red ink. If however, you are not having an unnatural desire to spend more money than your grandchildren can repay, you might want to consider other options.

Do you believe the same organization that is providing disaster relief to Coney Island should be in charge of your medical care? Just in case you still have a desire to receive medical care for conditions that have developed this decade, you might want to cast your vote for the candidate who’s political legacy is not vested in the single most unpopular piece of legislation in our lifetime.

Believe me, I could go on, but I think the point has been well made. Nothing Barack Obama has done thus far has been a positive for our country. If you feel led to take part in the destruction of the greatest nation on earth, Barack Obama is your man. If however, you have a desire to provide your children with the same freedom and opportunities that your parents passed on to you, the only sane choice you have is to cast your vote for Mitt Romney.

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