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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Remember When...?

Remember when conservatives pointed out that historically, gun registration laws have soon been followed by gun confiscation? Naturally, liberals laughed at us and made fun of us (which is something that comes right out of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals). When we point out that dictators such as Hitler, Stalin, and Castro used that tactic very effectively, they said we were being paranoid and unreasonable. Remember when, just before the November elections we warned that Obama’s second term would bring about renewed efforts to take our guns and his supporters mocked us for even suggesting such a thing?

Well, Obama isn’t even waiting for his second term to begin. Not willing to let a good crisis go to waste, the Obama administration has chosen to seize the opportunity to advance the anti-gun agenda he’s been trying to keep quiet for the past 4 years. Of course, he could spend his time and effort looking for real solutions to mass shootings, but if he had any success it would take away the biggest selling point he has for taking our guns. No, we can’t risk finding a real solution; we must focus on the guns.

This should not come as any surprise to anyone. Not only have we pointed out the fact that Obama, like almost all leftists, want to disarm the American people, he has demonstrated a tendency to ignore real solutions to serious problems for the sake of advancing his real agenda. Take taxes for example. Our economy is suffering, our treasury is being raided, our grandchildren are now in debt up to their eyeballs, and things are probably going to get much worse in the near future. Obama’s main focus is on raising taxes on the rich knowing full well that at best the tiny amount of revenue generated would do nothing to solve anything, and to be sure he gets his way Obama will not even discuss real solutions to the problems we face. His agenda is more important than anything else. He would rather focus on taking guns from law abiding citizens than to find real solutions to the violence inflicted on our children.

We were called paranoid when we warned people that gun confiscation was just around the corner, and the left assured us that nothing of the sort could ever happen in America. Apparently, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo failed to get the memo on that one. In an interview with an Albany radio station, he outlined his plans to confiscate guns from law abiding citizens. Remember when West Virginia Gov. Joe ran for the U.S. Senate and ran those ads showing him shooting a rifle, and stated that he was proud to be a lifetime member of the NRA? Surprise, surprise, this staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment has suddenly seen the light, and now thinks we need to “have a conversation” about banning and even confiscating guns.

Remember when we conservatives pointed out that Hitler confiscated guns shortly before he began sending Jews off to the gas chambers, and the liberals got so offended that we would invoke the name of the madman that murdered over 11 million people? We were being irrational to even suggest that something like that could happen in America, yet each and every day these same people support the cold blooded murder of over 3000 innocent children in this country.

Remember when you lived in a free country?


  1. Excellent, James. Will send a link to the few sane people I know.

    1. Thank you, but feel free to send a link to the insane people you know as well. You never know what might bring them around.