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Saturday, February 16, 2013

What a Breath of Fresh Air!

Since the founding of this nation, we have sought the best and brightest among us to serve and represent our interests in halls of government. We began with such notable statesmen as George Washington, James Madison, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, George Mason, Ben Franklin, John Jay, and Alexander Hamilton. The fact that such an enlightened and capable political team could ever be assembled is miraculous enough, but when you consider that this group of men was drawn from just thirteen colonies with a combined population of approximately 2.5 million people, the extent of that miracle becomes even more clear.

These men were not all of one mind when it came to political ideology, but they all had the goal of doing what they believed would keep us a nation that offered freedom and opportunity. They did not practice the art of political correctness, but they did exhibit political clarity and boldness. They argued and fought over their various points of view, but they also managed to accomplish that which became the envy of the world.

At the time of our nation’s birth, there were certainly plenty of problems to be solved, but the primary focus of our leaders was on the opportunities to be found. Today our government is consumed with solving the incredible problems that we face. When you realize that nearly all of those problems were caused by the very government that seeks to solve them, the likelihood of those solutions ever being found seems very small. Our government, once an example of how a nation should be run, has been reduced to a mob of ineffective and incapable children whose only concern is holding onto their position.

As we watch the embarrassing spectacle of government employees who cannot pass a budget, who fail to lead on every single important issue we face, and who can look a sixteen trillion dollar national debt in the eye and say “we don’t have a spending problem”, we begin to realize that those who we have chosen to serve and represent us in the halls of government are a far cry from being the best and brightest among us.

On February 7th of this year Dr. Benjamin Carson, Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital, took the podium to speak at the National Prayer Breakfast. What followed was a clear example of the kind of clarity of thought and intellectual honesty that our nation has needed so desperately. Dr. Carson is not a dynamic speaker, but he is a compelling speaker, and he embodies the kind of common sense thinking that once made this nation great, and that will be needed to restore us to what we are capable of being.

Until this speech, I can’t say that I have ever heard of Dr. Carson, and I don’t know that I would agree with every position he might take, but I do know that I can respect his ideas and be assured that his goals are the same as mine.

If you have not already done so watch the video of his speech. Listen to his common sense approach to solving problems and take a deep breath of fresh air. If our country is to recover from the mess we have made of it, men and women of Dr. Carson’s caliber and intellect will be the ones who make it happen.

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